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24 Hour Towing in Minnesota

Frustrated or Stranded? No Questions Asked. Just Hassle-Free 24 Hour Towing.

Frustrated or stranded on the road? Vehicle needs 24-hour towing? Searching for a towing company to help you immediately? Why not call the most helpful, experienced and jovial roadside assistance company in Minnesota. Because our mobile towing team.

Get 24-Hour Towing in 3 Easy Steps

1. You Call Us

We know you are already frustrated. So we ask you only the questions that matter. All people listening to you are helpful, kind and considerate. You will only provide us with information relevant to getting assistance.

2. Get Free Estimate

Once we have the details of your location and the issue we you are facing, we dispatch a tow truck with a driver who knows area you are immediately. P.S No HIDDEN charges with our service

3. We Arrive To Assist in 30 Mins

Since the driver already knows your location and full details of your problem, expect him to arrive within minutes. Expect a helpful, jovial, story-telling driver.

About Us

Minnesota's Quickest Hassle-Free 24-Hour Towing Service

Did you know that 50% of vehicles risk further damage and breakdown due to improper towing? How much relief could you feel knowing your vehicle will be towed ASAP and without risk of further damage? By towing with the right equipment, specifically tailored for your type, and model of your vehicle, we provide safe and efficient towing so that you can rest assured your vehicle will be in good if not better shape after our towing is complete.

30+ Years Offering Quality Towing Services

As a leading towing service provider in Minnesota, we have successfully helped thousands of people in situations like you are now in the last 32 years. (Since June of 1989). From the 1989 Acura and Ford Taurus to the most modern Jeep Cherokee, we have towed them all.

People Say The Nicest Things

We value the feedback from our clients and our partners.

Jeniffer Smith

When I had an unexpected flat tire, Mike fixed it right away and got me back on  the road. Great service and very reasonable price. Totally made my day better

Pamela Duncan

My tire had a slow leak so we called to see if I could get my truck in. He asked when I could bring it in. When I got there they went right to work on it. It was done before I knew it. Highly recommended. Great staff, very friendly.

Steve Tailor

The service technician was the most professional, courteous, and skilled technician I’ve ever worked with! Minnesota has a staff of rock stars, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for timely and superb customer service!!

About Company

Get 24 Hour Towing. Call Now and put your timer on!

Our Customer care agents are available  24 hours. They will ask leading questions to help establish your location and your problem to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. Being able to respond in as short a while as possible, has remained to be our priority especially for people requesting for towing at night. 

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